Woodlands Bed and Breakfast Environmental Policy

In order for us to reduce our carbon footprint we have implemented a programme of ongoing action.


We recycle glass, card, paper, plastics, foil, tetrapacs, food waste and garden waste.
We no longer provide individual toiletries but decant our high quality toiletries into individual bottles which can be re-used.
We don’t use single use plastic in the bedrooms, our glasses are glass!
We decant foods into dishes rather than offering plastic sachets.
We’ve use low or non-VOC paints throughout the building.
We make our own bread, granola and cakes.
We provide reusable flasks of fresh milk rather than plastic pots of UHT milk.
We store our food using long life containers rather than clingfilm.
Our toilet paper is supplied by Who Gives a Crap, it is recycled and 50% of the companies’ profits go towards building toilets for those that need them.


This is an old house that has been taking guests for around 70 years, much of the furniture has been around that long too, or is antique or vintage. We buy pre-used whenever it is hygienic to do so.
We use cleaning products which are biodegradable and plant based and come in re-cycled bottles.
We try to use disposable wipes and cloths as little as possible but wash and re-use our cleaning cloths instead.


We use email where possible rather than post.
Our website, facebook, pinterest and instagram act as our brochure.


Fitted the latest LED technology light bulbs.
New low energy boiler.
We have no electric showers, all are pumped by mains water pressure.
We don’t use table cloths.
Our electrical items including fridge-freezer, dishwasher and washing machine are new and ‘A’ rated or above.
Towels will not be replaced daily unless they are left in the bath.  They will be replaced every four nights along with the bedding.
Being a listed building does restrict some of the things we can do, so sadly we are not allowed to have solar panels.


All toilets have smaller cisterns and shorter/dual flushes.
Rain water is collected to water plants in our back garden.


Our food is sourced locally whenever possible to reduce food miles.
We make it from scratch where we can and cook it to order to minimise waste.

Local Economy

We do our upmost to help support and preserve the local area and support local businesses and its people.
When refurbishing, we use local tradespeople and suppliers.


There are lots of things to do within walking distance so cars can be left behind in our secure carpark.
Teignmouth is well served by trains, ferries and buses, in summer open topped!
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Contact us

If you have any questions prior to booking with us, please do get in touch either by phone, or by email below.

Clean and tidy

All recent guests said we are sparkly clean, peaceful with huge rooms.

Great location

100% of recent guests gave us a 5 star rating for location, parking and gardens.

Value for money

Guests frequently comment on the room size and quality they get.